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Rounders is 100% dedicated to protecting the safety of all persons and property affected by our business activities. The risks associated with transporting equipment are great and it is a responsibility we take seriously. When it comes to safety, we built our infrastructure before we started putting trucks on the road. Driver training, vehicle inspections, and internal audits are built into our routine. We owe this level of vigilance not only to our customers and employees, but to our families, friends, and neighbors who we share the road with.

Rounders Transport has been accident free for three years now. We plan to do more than just knock on wood to ensure this does not change. We have developed, implemented, and adopted a comprehensive risk management framework. The below list outlines the key areas of this framework. Click on a particular section to read a synopsis on Rounder’s specific approach in a given area.

1.) Safety Policy

2.) Driver Management

3.) Fleet Management

4.) Regulatory Compliance

5.) Loading and Rigging

6.) Permits, Escorts and Oversize Loads

Want more detail? Request a copy of Rounder’s compliance guide. Our compliance guide is a practical, real-world manual compiled from long hours of study, observation and experience. This guide outlines Rounder’s innovative approach to safety and compliance activities. We are delighted to share this information with our valued customers. To request a copy simply send an email to: