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 Our Company 

Our Mission: “Using technology as the tool, and long-term relationships as the key, Rounders seeks to increase the efficiency of the heavy haul transport business; at the same time improving overall customer service. The savings generated from these activities will then be shared with our valued clients in a fair and mutually beneficial way.”



Rounders was founded on a simple set of principles. We believe in exceptional service, fair pricing, and a non negotiable commitment to honesty and integrity. Rounders is an expert in all aspects of heavy equipment transportation and International Shipping solutions. We also offer a multitude of rigging, storage, and maintenance options. Our third-party logistics process is the most innovative solution in trucking. However, ground-breaking technology is just the beginning. We also own and operate our own dedicated heavy-haul fleet. This provides us with hands on expertise that very few can match. We offer the most reliable and cost effective way to move big iron and our experienced staff is ready to coach you through the entire process.  

One Size, Does not Fit All.. Rounders has taken the very best parts from each of the transportation models and created one amazing service. 1.) We offer the savings and capacity of the world’s best loadboards. 2.) We offer the service and hands-on knowledge of the best independent trucking companies. 3.) We have the relationships and in-house support offered by many freight brokerage outfits. 4.) We have the efficiencies and convenience offered by the leading cutting edge technology firms.  This Rounder’s recipe is easy to understand but difficult to copy. Combine cutting edge technology with a team of passionate professionals, mix in an old school mentality and shake it all together. The result is Transportation you can Trust!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Rounder’s Machine: