Jeffrey G. Cox Jr. – President

Jeff founded Rounders in 2004. Jeff is responsible for Rounder’s overall development, execution, and strategy. Prior to starting Rounders Jeff spent 10 years with Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT).   While at Lockheed Jeff helped guide their overall technology vision  through focused leadership and a capacity to implement cutting-edge technological solutions. Jeff’s family has a long legacy in the heavy equipment business and he grew up on and around big iron. In 2004 Jeff saw the opportunity to combine his 2 passions (i.e. Heavy Equipment and Technology) and Rounders was born.  Jeff has a Bachelors degree in MIS as well as a Masters degree in Finance.



 Gregory “Kent” Harman – Manager of Operations

Kent joined Rounders late in 2005. Kent and his team are responsible for the execution of Rounder’s Transportation Services. This includes Rounder’s dedicated trucking division, freight brokerage division, and storage and teardown facilities. Kent brings with him over 15 years experience in operations development. Kent is an expert in every aspect of heavy-haul transportation, DOT Compliance, and freight management systems. Kent is passionate about moving heavy equipment and he has a hands-on style and an inspired work ethic that few can match.




Emily B. Cox – Compliance Officer

Emily started with Rounders in 2005. Emily is responsible for Rounder’s driver and carrier compliance activities. Emily manages and interprets the ever-changing list of State and Federal DOT rules and regulations as they relate to Interstate trucking and freight brokerage activities. Emily is also responsible for maintaining accurate and updated insurance and DOT records for all of Rounder’s carrier partners. Prior to joining Rounders Emily spent 8 years with Hughes Supply. Emily brings with her a strong background in Contract Administration and Government Sales and Marketing. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology.



 Damian Bryant - Senior Logistics Coordinator

Damian is responsible for Rounder’s expedited freight services. Damian has more than 15 years experience in various transportation and logistics fields. Damian’s past experience has made him proficient in truckload, LTL, and intermodal services. Damian is an expert in heavy-haul transportation as well as LTL and other specialized services. Damian is able to analyze and develop complex  logistics plans that are tailored to individual customer’s specific requirements. Damian has an infectious personality and a knack for office pranks.




Bill McCarthy – International Traffic Manager

Bill is responsible for overseeing the sales and operations of Rounder’s International Shipping Division. Bill brings with him over 25 years experience in International Shipping. Most recently he was the Traffic Manager of Komatsu’s Latin American Division where he was responsible for importing newly manufactured units into a Miami Bonded Facility and exporting them to Central/South America.  Prior to Komatsu he held positions with Southern Peru Copper Corp., Chiquita Brands and Sealand Service. Bill served honorably in Vietnam, he holds a Custom House Brokers License and he has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.



 Amanda Barron – Accountant\Office Manager

Amanda is responsible for organizing and coordinating Rounder’s office operations and procedures in order to ensure optimum efficiency.  Amanda oversees all accounts payable and accounts receivable functions as well as administers Rounder’s quick-pay option. She also maintains contracts and manages all the day-today office functions for Rounders. Amanda joins Rounders with over 9 years experience as a senior accountant.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.