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MyRounders Overview

MyRounders is the first online shipping solution designed specifically for the heavy equipment industry. MyRounders gives you the ability to book a load online, shop for the best rates, track your shipment in real-time, and make easy and safe payments. MyRounders is a true collaborative and trustworthy environment designed to add value to our customers and venders alike. This is how it all works:  

Step 1: The Price

Option 1 (Expedited): Get a fast estimate upfront from our in-house estimating department. You can contact us anytime via email or telephone (1-888-687-5623).

 Step 2: Your Personal Freight Consultant

Every load is assigned to a well trained and very knowledgeable Freight Consultant.  That’s Right; A real live person! They will be responsible for every aspect of your load from the estimate to the delivery. We call this “Cradle to Grave” load management and we take it very seriously. You will easily be able to contact our people directly via email or telephone. Rounder’s understands your need for timely and accurate information: That is why we offer you technology when you want it and people when you don’t.

Step 3: Load Profiling

Every load is professionally profiled so we can match it with the exact carrier for the job. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to specking out freight. We offer the largest specs database on the internet, a robust in-house knowledgebase, and a detailed understanding of truck and trailer limitations. When these tools are not enough we rely on tape-measures and telephones. One way or another we capture all the necessary load and site specific details required to efficiently handle your load. This detailed approach saves our carrier’s time and our customers money.

Step 4: Bids & Carrier Selection

Rounders has over 1600 fully vetted and insured carriers in our database. Carrier selection is based on long-term relationships, customer feedback, and carrier geography and capability. We have very detailed profiles on every carrier we do business with. We combine our carrier profiles, with your load profile, and we apply the most advanced load filtering technology in the industry. This results in carriers seeing the loads that match their specific needs and the shippers getting reliable, fully vetted carriers bidding on their freight. 

Step 5: Communicate & Automate

Rounders load tracking and document management is 2nd to none! You can log into your personal MyRounders account anytime you like to check the status of a load. You will receive automated alerts notifying you when a load is picked up and when it is delivered. All related information or documentation is stored electronically for easy reference or retrieval. Once a load is delivered you will receive an electronic invoice via email. We make things as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.