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Tracking and Reporting

A Robust Knowledge-Base
Freight Estimator
Detailed Machine Specs (13,423 items)
Transportation Profiles
Historical Pricing
Carrier Profiles



A Powerful Customer Service Tool
Empower select users to enter runs, add notes, set stages, and make on the fly changes.
Electronic Notifications
Equipment Tracking Capability
Online Invoicing\BOL Capture
Reporting Module

A Complete Carrier Management System
Detailed Carrier Profiles
Monitors Carrier Compliance
Allows end users to rate carriers

An Intuitive Communication Hub
It puts the freight into a useable format and puts it directly into the hands of the people who can do the work.
It sends the carriers the freight, the customers the alerts, accounts payable the invoice, etc.  Everyone gets what they need in the format they need it.
Automated Freight Matching Capability.
Segmented by attributes as well as geography